Glasgow Game

The Glasgow Game is a learning game which encourages an understanding of health and wellbeing in Glasgow, promotes thinking about the complexities and context of the city and helps people consider possible futures for Glasgow. 

It uses intelligence from Understanding Glasgow to describe health, life circumstances and inequality within the city and has been used by many groups (planners, third sector groups and students in universities and schools) to address strategic issues affecting Glasgow and to formulate transformative responses.  

Glasgow game main pic

The ‘Glasgow Game’ has been developed in collaboration with the International Futures Forum (IFF) and is a version of their World Game, created by Tony Hodgson.

The game, which involves between 20 – 40 participants, provides a structured way of investigating strategic questions, making use of intelligence from Understanding Glasgow and tapping into the experience and knowledge of participants. 

It has been used to explore several crucial questions for the city such as how Glasgow can address the key challenges around drugs and alcohol; how the food environment in the city can be changed; and, how Glasgow might become a better connected city. 

We are keen to further develop the use of Understanding Glasgow data through the Glasgow Game and invite organisations with an issue that could be explored through the game to please contact us.