The Glasgow Game is a learning game which is intended to encourage understanding of health and wellbeing in Glasgow, to promote thinking about the complexities and context of the city and to help people consider possible futures for the city. 

The game uses intelligence from Understanding Glasgow to describe health, life circumstances and inequality within the city.  It has been used by many groups (planners, third sector groups and students in universities and schools) to address strategic issues affecting Glasgow and to formulate transformative responses.
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The Glasgow Game in a box is an offline 'board game' type version of the Glasgow Game, which is available on request from the Glasgow Centre for Population Health.  We believe this version of the game will be particularly useful for schools and universities, but also for third sector organisations, community groups and planners.

The game in the box was developed in recognition that in many circumstances it is easier to play the game offline i.e. not being dependent on an internet connection to access Understanding Glasgow.

The game in the box contains a range of printed resources for playing the the game.  Some of these resources can be downloaded as pdfs here:

WP 20160906 10 16 55 ProIf you are interested in obtaining a version of the game in the box, please contact us explaining who you are and your potential uses for the game.

Note: The indicators on the information node sheets pdf will be updated periodically.  It is likely that at times this information will become slightly out of date and more current information may be available on the overview pages for each node e.g. population overview, etc.