Political party identification

Political party identification in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland, 2015

Political party identification post election 15

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After the general election in 2015, the SNP was the party which the majority of people (35%) in Glasgow most closely identified with, followed by Labour (21%). In the rest of Scotland, this pattern was similar. The proportion of people who identified themselves with the Green Party was higher in Glasgow (8%) than in the rest of Scotland (3%). The proportion of people identifying with Conservatives was lower in Glasgow than in the rest of the country (10% vs 17%). Slightly more people in Glasgow than in the rest of the country did not identify with any political party (15% vs 13%).

Comparing the results from 2015 with those from 2007, it is clear than a shift from identification with the Labour party towards identification with the SNP has taken place across the country, and more so within Glasgow.

Political party affiliations in 2007

political party affiliation west of scotland and rest of scotland


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In 2007, Labour was the party which the majority of individuals in the West of Scotland associated themselves with, followed by the Scottish National Party. The proportion of individuals who associated themselves with Labour (43%) in the West of Scotland was substantially higher than the rest of Scotland (27%).  Accordingly, a higher proportion of the rest of Scotland associated themselves with the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats than in the West of Scotland. Around 12% of the West of Scotland did not identify with a political party.


This wave of the British Election Study has a sample size of 509 people for Glasgow and 4846 people for the rest of Scotland. Further details of the study can be found on: http://www.britishelectionstudy.com.

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