Resilient Glasgow Indicators

To assess the city’s progress against its Resilience Strategy, a set of indicators has been developed. 

As a member of Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities network, Glasgow’s resilience indicators have been informed in collaboration with Glasgow’s 100 Resilient Cities’ steering group, reviewing existing indicators (including ARUP’s City Resilience Index), and through a workshop with key partners  delivering the city resilience strategy.

A short report documents the Resilient Glasgow Indicators which have been identified for monitoring Glasgow’s progress against its resilience strategy which was developed as part of Glasgow’s membership of the Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities network. 

The proposed indicators are grouped under the four pillars of the strategy and subset of the indicators, those which are available on Understanding Glasgow are highlighted below:

Empowering Glaswegians:- fuel poverty, access to services (e.g. a bank account), life expectancy, social capital

Unlocking place-based solutions:- proximity to vacant and derelict land, children’s proximity to greenspace (within children and young people’s profiles), childhood obesity, tenure of housing

Innovating to support fair economic growth:- business survival rates, employment by demographic groups, education attainment, diversity of economy (employment by industry)

Fostering civic participation:- influencing decisions, volunteering rates, voter turnout in local elections