School population

Pupils numbers by sector in Glasgow, 1995 - 2019
Glasgow school roll trend 95 2019
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After a long period of decline in pupil numbers, the school population in Glasgow has been increasing since 2011. In the period 2011-2019 the Glasgow's school roll increased by over 5,000 pupils, a rise of 8%. By 2019, nearly 70,000 children were enrolled in school education in the city1. 60% of pupils attended primary schools, 38% were in secondary education, and 2% were in schools which provide additional support for learning (ASL).

In 2019, 3.3% of pupils had a disability. Reflecting the increasing diversity of Glasgow’s population, nearly a quarter (24%) of pupils come from a home where the main language is neither English nor Gaelic and 129 different languages are spoken by Glasgow’s school pupils. During the same period, 2% of pupils were from asylum seeker families and 2.4% of pupils were refugees – totalling over 3,000 pupils. 


The school pupil figures include only pupils at schools run by Glasgow City Council and therefore do not include pupils in private and grant-aided schools.  For more information on the data refer to notes on data.

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