Glasgow City Region

Child population in local authorities in the Glasgow City Region, 1992-2021
Child pop GCR nos trend
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The child population of almost every local authority in the Glasgow City Region reduced over the last 30 years; with East Renfrewshire being the exception. The largest percentage reduction has been in Inverclyde where the number of children has dropped by 35%, while there has been a slight increase of 6% in the number of children in East Renfrewshire. Glasgow's child population reduced by 17% from 1992 to 2021. In the last ten years there have been small rises in the number of children in some authorities, most notably in East Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire and Glasgow, although Glasgow's child population has reduced again in the last two years.

Child population as a proportion of the total population, Glasgow City Region Local Authorities, 1992-2021
Child pop GCR perc trend
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The percentage of children within all the Glasgow City Region local authorities has reduced over the last 30 years.  However, in the last six years, the proportions of children in two authorities, East Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire, have started to rise.