Historical trends

Glasgow's child population 1851-2018
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As Glasgow’s population grew through the latter half of the 19th century and into the early part of the 20th century so too did the numbers of children in the population.  In 1851 there were 105,000 children (aged 0-14) in Glasgow - making up 35% of the population - but by 1921 this figure had nearly trebled to 308,000.  From this high point, the child population dropped to 241,000 in 1971 and to approximately 94,600 in 2018. Nevertheless, the child population of Glasgow - defined here as aged 0-14 years for this historic comparison - has grown slightly in recent years.

Glasgow's child population as a percentage of the total population, 1851-2018
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As a percentage of the overall population, children (defined here as aged 0-14) account for 15% of the population currently (in 2018) but accounted for 35% of the population in 1851.


The definition of children used here is 0-14 years of age to allow a longer time series to be shown.  In other parts of the site children are defined as aged from 0 - 15 years.